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Pre - Order to pick up in our drive thru window to skip the wait!

Order 15 minutes ahead and swing through our first window to have it ready when you get here! 

Click below to see our menu
 or to order ahead!

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Swamp Water

Coffee Club

Want to be a member of our

Swamp Water Club!?

All you can drink Drip Coffee ! Here's the details:

 $20 (one time fee) for a handmade mug + $20 a month

The mug stays on our wall for only YOU to drink out of!

You drink as much drip coffee as you like when you come in! Mug goes home with you when you cancel the membership.

(Dine in only)

3366 Verot School Road  .  Lafayette, La 70508

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Digital Gift Card

Purchase a digital
Gift Card to send to
friends & family


2.50  2.75 3.00  3.50 4.00  4.50 4.00  4.50 4.00  4.50 3.00  5.00  6.00 4.50  5.00 2.50  3

Starting May 27th

Monday - Saturday 7am - 3pm (6).png
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Swamp Dog Cafe

Brought to you by the owners of The Refined Pantry

"We were looking for a small spot to open a cafe for a while now. Something small and quaint for breakfast and lunch with a cup of coffee that didn't require a bunch of ingredients or flavors to be delicious. An opportunity became available next to The Refined Pantry, where we could cross utilize our space we have so we jumped at the chance to create something AMAZING! 

The cafe ambience will be something I like to call "Modern Bayou Chic" with little touches that are not only quaint and homey, but cozy and tasteful. Our menu will be something a little different than your traditional cafe menu, but we love what it has evolved to! We are still doing some final touches and tweaks, so stay tuned for a sneak peak on what that is going to look like."

Jordan & Megan Spencer 

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